How Kolmården reduce lines and increase guest satisfaction with Pej

The challenge

Digital ordering has become a new standard for consumers. To meet this demand, Kolmården (Parks & Resorts) implemented mobile order and pay, which among other things, helped reduce the lines significantly, so that visitors could focus on the experience.

The solution

The collaboration with Pej began in 2019 as part of making Kolmården’s attractions more accessible and giving more freedom to visitors. Pej and Kolmården can both agree upon a successful collaboration and increased customer satisfaction. A win-win-win, for Pej as a supplier, for Kolmården as a customer, and for the guests as an end-users.

– Pej has been a fast-paced and flexible partner. Together we gave our guests an easy way to order and pay for their food. It has been a fantastic tool to facilitate smooth and safe visits to our parks, says Jan Eriksson, CIO at Parks & Resorts.

The result

With Pej, the customer can order and pay for their food directly with their phone and then pick it up when it is ready – without standing in line. Guests can order when it suits them, both on the way to the restaurant or when seated at a table with the family. This way, the number of cramped and slow queues in the park is reduced and more time is freed up for the guests.

– For us, it is important that visitors can safely and pleasantly buy food without having to be in a crowded place. It also means that they get more time to visit the park and see all the fun activities that are here, says Jan.

Through close collaboration with Parks & Resorts, a product that was tailored to their customers was developed. With the goal of a swift and friction-free deployment.

Pej has helped us tailor a solution that is perfect for us and our needs. Thanks to that, we have been able to easily rearrange our restaurants in the park during a fast and smooth process, says Jan Eriksson, CIO at Parks & Resorts.


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"Pej has helped us tailor a solution that is perfect for us and our needs."

Jan Eriksson

CIO at Parks & Resorts