Gröna Lund meets digital demand with Pej

The challenge

Gröna Lund, part of Parks and Resorts, is one of Sweden’s landmark attractions. Each year the theme park offers over one million visitors from all over the world unique experiences in the heart of Stockholm.

In Gröna Lund’s ongoing efforts to increase service and customer experience, and reduce lines, Pej has been a vital partner regarding digital ordering.

Seasonal changes need flexible solutions

One of the largest challenges for Gröna Lund is to shift costumes and tailor for seasonal changes. The park transforms from a scary ghost town on Halloween to a magic wonderland during winter to a family paradise for the summer.

The solution

To tailor guest experience new concepts have to be launched within a matter of weeks, sometimes days. This requires digital ordering solutions that are flexible and easy to administer.

“We work with large seasonal projects, but also shorter pop-ups. In that context, Pej’s mobile ordering solutions have been very good. They allow us to set up new concepts quickly and flexibly.” Says Erika Olson, Senior Project Manager at Parts & Resorts.

Cut the line with Pej

Like any theme park, Gröna Lund needs to solve challenges with long queues and congestion. Visitors at Gröna Lund want to experience the park, not spend time standing in line.

With Pej, integrated into the Gröna Lund app and website, food orders are made swift and easy for guests. Each restaurant also states the expected waiting time to further reduce friction.

”At its core, Gröna Lund is an analog experience. We want digital ordering solutions to enable a better analog experience by reducing friction. For example, by pre-booking rides in an attraction, or ordering food in the app, and all while the guest can see the expected queue times.” Erika continues.

The result

A win-win collaboration that accelerates product development

Pej and Gröna Lund have had a fruitful collaboration since 2019. It accelerated during the pandemic when digital ordering solutions became even more important for Gröna Lund.

“The collaboration we have with Pej is really good from a product development perspective. Together, we brainstorm new initiatives and products that enable us to offer a better customer experience.“ Says Erika Olson.

During the collaboration, several technical aspects regarding integrations to needed systems and applications have been solved.

Today, the APIs communicate directly with the Gröna Lunds systems which enable flawless communication with customers and removes possible misunderstandings. Not to mention, the ability to quickly mobilize new concepts in the park.

“Pej’s flexibility and responsiveness are worth a lot to us. Currently, we have over 50 restaurants, and the many integrations work perfectly.” Erika says.

Gröna Lund choose to work with Pej for several reasons, including:

▪ The flexibility enables swift changes and the possibility to quickly add new restaurant pop-ups to their offering

▪ Pej supports multiple revenue streams, not just restaurants. This has enabled Gröna Lund to offer rental services and ticket – sales in the Gröna Lund App

▪ Pej’s technical expertise – several important integrations have been solved quickly

▪ A fruitful collaboration that accelerates product development and improves customer experience


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"Pej’s flexibility and responsiveness are worth a lot to us. Currently, we have over 50 restaurants, and the many integrations work perfectly."

Erika Olson

Senior Project Manager, Parks & Resorts