Jun 17, 2022

Why digital ordering? Here’s three reasons!

The trend is clear. More and more restaurant guests want to order and pay for their food directly with their phones. The definition of service has changed as it is no longer the personal interaction with restaurant staff that is most valued. Instead, convenience and efficiency top the chart according to a recent study.

Below, we list three positive effects that occur when restaurants digitize their sales channels.

📈 More visits

Surveys show that guests who order in digital channels return more often. The customer wants to spend their time sitting at the table and hanging out with friends or family instead of waiting in line. The social aspect has become more important than having a personal interaction with the restaurant staff.

💰 More purchases per visit

Guests tend to make more purchases per visit if they have the opportunity to place their order digitally. The guest can order whenever they want and is not dependent on standing in long lines or waiting for staff at the table.

🍟 Higher spend per order

Guests tend to place larger orders if they use digital ordering channels. The guest can calmly go through the menu on the phone without feeling stressed, with great opportunities for the restaurant to upsell or suggest add-ons.


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