May 16, 2023

What is a digital wallet for food service? Let us show you how ours work!

The Pej Wallet makes it easy for office canteen guests to utilize food service benefits, and empowers employers to leverage these benefits to boost employee satisfaction.

Let us show you the Pej Wallet for food service and why it offers so much more than a simple canteen card.

What is a digital wallet for food service?

Google Pay, PayPal, Venmo, or Apple Pay. The list of companies creating digital wallets for their users to get a more straightforward, safer way to pay can be made long. These electronic wallets, also called digital wallets or mobile wallets, work in similar ways, functioning as electronic payment solutions that can be used to pay, make transfers, and store money online.

So, what about a digital wallet for food services? This functions similarly, but it’s a digital wallet Pej has created for the food service market. Just as convenient it is for customers to use Apple Pay when they shop for groceries in a convenience store, it is for employees or students to use the Pej Wallet to get lunch at the school or office canteen.

How does the digital wallet work?

The digital wallet stores and organizes personalized food service benefits, subsidies, and discounts from the school or employer. Every user have a unique identifier that they scan when buying something. When the user is identified they can take advantage of their assigned discounts.

Who uses it?

When a company or organization signs a deal with a food service provider, every employee gets a digital wallet with benefits and perks that apply to that specific company. The HR department can also manage and personalize subsidies and discounts to suit specific events or needs. For example, if a company breaks a sales record, HR can simply go into the system and offer all employees a free lunch that day. It’s the ultimate food service software for the food service market.

4 quick wallet perks – for both companies and their employees

1. Several different payment options

There’s room for several payment options, as the Pej digital wallet can be connected to the user’s credit card, company badge, RFID, or identification number. And besides these options, they can also shop on credit and receive a monthly invoice from the canteen. The amount that is subsidized by the employer is easily invoiced every month.


2. All benefits in one place

Subsidized lunch, free coffee for a particular team every Friday, or a piece of cake when someone has a birthday – there are no limits to what employee benefits and perks a company can offer. Employees can always check their wallet to see what active benefits they have or check their balance.


3. Manage the balance

Users can easily top-up their wallet balance at any point of purchase with the payment method of their choice. They can also always stay up to date with their current balance.

4. The ultimate employee satisfaction tool

A digital wallet for the food service market functions as an ID users use simply by swiping their phones or showing a QR code. Guests can thus identify themselves in smart fridges, coffee machines, etc., without bringing cash or a credit card. And at any time, they can check their balance and see how much they’ve eaten during the month. For example, if guests have ten free lunches monthly, they can see how many they’ve eaten so far.

The employer can efficiently administer the user’s wallets in bulk or separately. It lets them quickly add and adjust employee benefits or update wallets with new offers. It’s the food service software the market has been longing for in order to win new business.

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An Oracle partner

We are a strategic Oracle partner, Pej seamlessly integrates with the Oracle Simphony Cloud ecosystem, a synergy that empowers functionality and streamlines the management of clients, guests, reporting and invoicing.