Dec 19, 2023

Verifone and Pej collaborate for an unbeatable self-checkout experience

The rise of self-checkout kiosks has changed the way we make purchases. This shift has been a game-changer for the hospitality industry, bringing benefits like higher transaction amounts, faster customer service, and freeing up staff for more important tasks. Verifone and Pej, two industry leaders, have teamed up to deliver the ultimate, hassle-free, revenue-increasing self-checkout experience.

A perfect match to drive the future of self-checkout

Verifone has a long history of providing technology for electronic payment transactions. Pej, a SaaS digital ordering company, has been pivotal in shaping the digital ordering journey for restaurants and the global hospitality sector since 2016.

Together, Verifone’s state-of-the-art hardware kiosk and Pej’s intuitive digital ordering software form an end-to-end solution designed to meet the needs of the digital age.

”Verifone’s kiosks and Pej’s platform provide customers and their guests with a secure and seamless experience. In this partnership, two solutions converge to elevate the customer journey. It’s a great solution that aligns perfectly with the demands of the hospitality industry”, says Mats Lindstedt, Sales Director KAM at Verifone.

Improve the guest experience and revenue for customers

Pej’s ordering solution has a track record of boosting revenue and improving the service for its clients; this is due to various reasons, with decreased time guests wait in line being one of them.

”With Verifone’s top-tier hardware combined with Pej’s solution, we hope to see an even greater increase in revenue for our customers. The hospitality industry, like many others, faces numerous challenges and could greatly benefit from technological advancements. Let’s ensure that technology doesn’t become an additional burden for them”, says Rickard Styrén, VP of Accounts at Pej.

Verifone and Pej are working on exciting pilots together and hope to reveal more soon.

Why Verifone and Pej choose to collaborate

■ It’s the perfect match – two solutions become a unit that creates real value for customers.

■ Verifone’s extensive support network for installations and maintenance can be leveraged to manage everything hardware.

■ With Verifone already being a payment provider used by many of Pej’s customers, this partnership means that the number of solution providers and contact points can remain limited.

■ Both companies are highly innovative and have a joint vision of what they imagine the next evolution of the kiosk will be.