Mar 5, 2024

The latest and greatest from Pej!

We’re happy to announce a series of new features to the Pej Guest & Account Management platform, designed to improve your transaction management and reporting experience.

New transaction search abilities for even better analysis

In our latest update, we’ve introduced search capabilities on transactions in the back-office interface, making it a breeze for administrators, site operator managers, and client managers to do searches on transaction history. Now, you can effortlessly filter through data using parameters such as site unit, business unit, and period.

But that’s not all! With the added ability to export search results in CSV format, you can dive deeper into analysis and seamlessly attach them to invoices. Say goodbye to tedious troubleshooting processes.

We’re just getting started. Stay tuned as we continue to enhance search abilities with more parameters.

Introducing scheduled reports

Now, you have the power to configure Pej Guest & Account Management reports to be automatically generated and sent via email to relevant recipients on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

No more manual generation — with scheduled reports, you can streamline your administrative tasks related to guests and accounts, saving valuable time.

Plus, the ability to send reports to multiple stakeholders ensures seamless communication and transparency across your organisation.

Presenting upgraded transaction visibility


Previously, accessing transactions per guest on the POS was a bit inconvenient, leading to challenges in handling guest inquiries, refunding historical transactions or providing receipts swiftly.

This problem is now a thing of the past. Our latest release enables visualising transactions per guest, streamlining interactions at the POS and enhancing guest satisfaction.

With extended refund capability of up to 60 days, this feature has been warmly welcomed by customers, ensuring enhanced convenience in transaction management.