Oct 20, 2022

Queuing is a big no-no, according to Gen Z & Millennials

Post-pandemic behavior paired with an increased demand for speedy service is forming customers’ expectations. According to Oracle’s Restaurant Trends of 2022 report, waiting to order is not something today’s customers accept.

So much that 20% of customers are getting frustrated after two minutes, which increases to 59% after five minutes. Similar statistics are to be seen regarding waiting in line, where 73% of Gen Z & Millennials would rather go to another restaurant if the total waiting time is above 5 minutes.

“This behavior is here to stay. It is something business owners and restaurateurs of the future will have to take into consideration”, says Victor Sandberg, CEO and one of the founders of Pej.

Today’s consumers are accustomed to managing their own time and avoiding unnecessary queues or congestion. Being able to make the order at the table with your phone, or easily pay in advance, and then pick up your food or meal on the way home is demanded by many.

The customer can order and pay based on how it suits their needs. By digitalizing parts of the traditional shopping experience and giving more space for self-service, the friction of the purchase is reduced”, says Victor Sandberg.

Changed customer behavior – with Sweden at the forefront

The development and interest in digital order solutions are constantly increasing and the trend seems to be continuing.

Globally, mobile orders are expected to increase by 29 percent every year, and according to forecasts made for the Swedish market, we have already been able to see an upswing – faster than previously predicted.

Previously, figures indicated that 32 percent of Swedes would have switched to mobile solutions by 2025. But already in 2020, that figure was up to 35 percent”, Victor continues.

Omnichannel ordering to meet the customers where they are

The solution for shortening waiting times is to offer many touch points to the customer. Meeting the customer where they are, no matter if it’s on or off-premise, can drastically reduce the time waiting to order – and the friction of the entire journey.

We have the tools to expand touchpoints to your customers. Through a high level of customization, seamless integrations to your tech stack, and quick setup, you can give your customers what they expect.