May 3, 2022

Product Newsletter Q2

Welcome to Pej’s quarterly product newsletter containing overall product portfolio news, a summary of recently released features, and a sneak-peek into what is to come. As always, we are very keen to discuss any of the following with you and appreciate any feedback on how to further improve our product offering.

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🚀 Releases

Below is a selection of new features released this far in 2022.

Order Ready Board

Read more here.

  • Style orders on the order ready board depending on the channel used to place the order. This makes it possible to display orders from Uber Eats with a green background and a UE-logo and orders from Foodora with a pink background and a Foodora-logo!

  • You can split orders to different screens, so you may have delivery orders on one and orders for customer pickup on another.

  • Your customers can view the Order Ready Board on their phone, meaning they do not have to be glued to a screen in the restaurant and can stroll around the area whilst waiting for their order.

Validation of cart towards integrated POS

This feature performs a final check with the POS as the customer is placing their order, ensuring that no mistakes have been made in the setup of the product or that the POS is offline. If something is wrong, the customer will be notified, eliminating a major possibility for financial reconciliation issues.

Text message inferno

It’s now possible to send a text message to your customers when the order is ready for pickup! You can also easily add your business name as the sender to make it clear who is communicating.

Nets as an online PSP

On top of our existing integration with Nets physical card terminals, we’re now also integrated with Nets Easy, their platform for online payments. This enables you to merge Pej with your existing fiscal flows.

New select time layout

We’ve updated our design of the Time & Date-input for your guests, so it should now be much clearer and easier to follow.

🗞️ News

We are continuously amending our product portfolio as well as exploring new concepts.

Let your guests view, pay, and split the bill from their phone

We are developing a new customer journey where the end-user has the possibility to pick up their bill by scanning a QR-code on their table. They can then split it within their company and pay it. Let us know if you want to hear more!

Pej’s kiosk 2.0

During the last few months, we have invested heavily in our kiosk offering for restaurants. This has led to major layout updates, new functionality, and an overall improved customer journey. We would gladly set up a time to show you more!

🏗️ Coming soon

We have many exciting features in our pipeline, our ambition is to launch the below during mid-2022.

  • New structure for combination meals (meals that include food items and a beverage) in Pej Web to increase upsell & usability

  • New and improved upsell capabilities, before the checkout and after selecting an item

  • Agreed time – manual and/or smart estimated preparation time to be displayed to end-user.

  • Increased capabilities in buffering pre-orders so that they arrive to the kitchen staff when needed to start preparing the food, not when the customer places their order