Oct 7, 2022

Pej and Kuori teams up to create the best self-service experience

Self-Service Kiosks have revolutionized how customers buy. The speed, service, and convenience for the guest are truly undisputed. For merchants, the benefits are many. Higher average order values, ability to serve more customers in shorter periods of time, and reallocating staff to more important tasks than manually entering orders in a POS.

Pej is entering the QSR market in Finland and is therefore partnering with Kuori, a Finnish tech leader in customized display solutions and Self-Service Kiosks. Together they will offer fast food restaurants and their customers a swift and user-friendly restaurant experience.

“With Pej we make life easier for restaurant owners while creating a top tier self-service experience for their customers.  One attribute that made us work with Pej is their flexibility and user-friendliness; the merchant can handle the administration of the devices on their own in a flash”, says Markus Backman, Head of Sales at Kuori.

Both Pej and Kuori are fast paced tech companies that want to create a magic and hassle-free experience for our customers and their customers. In these times restaurants have enough on their plate, technology should not be a problem”, Markus continues.

Kuoris hardware fits Pej like a glove. Mostly due to the high quality – with Kuori customers get real value for their money.

Kuoris hardware is outstanding. They have one of the thinnest Self-Service Kiosks on the market, with longer than market-standard warranty, and shorter lead times due to warehousing in northern Europe”, Victor Sandberg CEO at Pej, says.

The Pej software will be showcased at Kuoris experience room in Espoo.

Why Kuori choose to partner with Pej – in their own words

  • The software from Pej, hardware from Kuori, and support from Kuori creates a competitive and strong offer.

  • Together with Pej we can offer customers a truly flexible solution. If needed, a restaurant manager can, in the middle of a busy day, make changes without having to contact software support.

  • Pej is the only company in Scandinavia that develops software for Self-Service Kiosks for Androids.

  • Our company cultures and missions are very similar. We both want to create evergreen technology for the future of ordering.

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