Sep 20, 2023

Outshine fast-food outlets and empower the parent: Top benefits of Pej for the school canteen

Digitisation of services has become essential for success within contract catering. This is especially true in the education sector, where parents are looking for better insights and involvement in their children’s education and eating habits. In this article, we will explore the key values, features, and customer journeys that make Pej a best-in-class choice for contract caterers in the education segment.

Swift ordering for the contemporary student

In today’s digital age, flexibility is key when it comes to catering services within school canteens. We offer multiple platforms for ordering meals. Students can conveniently place orders on their smartphones or tablets using the mobile app, utilise kiosks available on-campus, or order directly from workstations. This multi-channel approach ensures that students have options that suit their preferences and circumstances, making it easier than ever for them to access the nutrition they need throughout the day.

Empower parents in steering lunch money allocation

By offering an easy-to-use platform that showcases healthy menu options, Pej empowers students to make informed choices about their meals. But parents also play a crucial role in shaping their child’s education and should be involved in the catering process.

Pej enables parents to lock balances exclusively for use at school cafeterias. This feature allows parents to have greater control over where and on what type of food their child’s lunch money is spent. By empowering parents with this level of oversight, you strengthen the trust between school canteen and families, while promoting healthy eating habits.

Easy top-up

The system provides parents with top-up solutions where they can easily add money to their child’s balance online or through designated platforms. This automation ensures accuracy while freeing up valuable time and resources for catering staff.

Decreased administrative workload

Managing canteen and student-related administrative tasks can be a significant burden for an administrator. However, Pej’s admin portals have been designed with a focus on automation. By digitising processes, such as adding subsidies or discounts and tracking payments, we reduce manual data entry and human error.


Pej’s food service technology revolutionises contract catering in the education sector by delivering a best-in-class experience for students while reducing administrative burdens for caterers. With user-friendly mobile solutions, streamlined administrative processes, enhanced parental involvement, promotion of healthy alternatives, and flexible ordering platforms, Pej offers a comprehensive package that addresses the unique challenges faced by contract caterers.