Jun 27, 2024

Increase sales - How Pej can help you close more deals

In the competitive landscape of contract catering, standing out requires innovation, efficiency, exceptional guest experiences, and a focus on sustainability. Pej offers technology for enterprises that not only enhances service quality but also empowers sales teams to close more deals and drive revenue growth.

Here’s how Pej can transform your sales strategy:

  1. Say yes to any requirement 

    Pej's flexibility allows you to meet any client request, whether it's offering free desserts on Fridays, year-round coffee subscriptions, or additional subsidies for green benefits. Every client can have their own set of subsidies catering to their needs. Easy administration is included. It is client customisation made easy.

  2. Promote reduced food waste 

    By showcasing solutions that reduce CO2 footprints, minimise waste, and incentivise healthy food choices, Pej enables you to become more competitive. Clients are increasingly looking for sustainable options, and Pej helps you meet this demand while driving new sales.

  3. Technology for the future workforce 

    It is not just about the technology; it is about the experience. With Pej as your digital partner, you offer advanced digital ordering, self-service checkouts, and sophisticated account management, enabling the convenience tomorrow's workforce is looking for. This level of excellence is a key attraction for high-profile companies, setting you apart from the competition.

  4. Add new revenue streams 

    Add self-checkout technology with upselling features proven to increase average order value. Or use connected fridges selling leftover lunch packages as convenient dinner bags employees can grab on their way home, paying with their company badge.

  5. Drive loyalty 

    With Pej, clients can actively work to enhance employee engagement through dynamic benefits, subscriptions, and meal plans. The Pej client and guest management solution is a never-ending loyalty engine. This not only increases sales but also enhances client satisfaction and retention.

  6. Seamless integration 

    Pej integrates effortlessly with existing digital ecosystems, ensuring a smooth transition and minimal disruption for clients. This ease of integration is a significant selling point for clients looking to upgrade their current operations without major overhauls.

  7. Help clients create a happy and engaging company culture 

    By using Pej, you can offer engaging dining experiences that boost employee morale and satisfaction. Happy employees are more productive and loyal, which is a key selling point for potential clients looking to enhance their workplace environment.

For more information on how Pej can transform your sales strategy, visit Pej for Sales Teams.