Jun 21, 2023

Increase customer satisfaction with order ready boards

One essential element in delivering a great customer experience in the food service industry is ensuring minimized and transparent waiting times. This is where the order ready board come into play (also referred to as order status board, order display board, ready for pickup screen).

This blog post explores how order ready boards enhance customer satisfaction by streamlining operations, optimizing efficiency, and ultimately creating a positive dining experience.

1. Keep customers in the loop

Order ready boards provide customers with real-time updates on their orders. Whether displayed on digital screens or communicated through notifications, customers can track the progress of their orders, from preparation to readiness. This transparency creates a sense of assurance, keeping customers informed and engaged. Real-time updates contribute to a seamless and interactive customer experience.

2. Minimise waiting times

Order ready boards are crucial in minimizing waiting times by optimizing the order preparation processes. Orders can be prepared efficiently and promptly by streamlining operations and facilitating effective resource management. Customers can enjoy a shorter wait time, leading to a more positive experience and increasing the likelihood of repeat business.

3. Display orders from any channel

Some order ready boards can display orders from any channels, whether from your workstation, self-service kiosk, or third-party delivery partner. The order ready board  system can then highlight orders based on channel, making it easy for all guests and partners to find their orders. Efficient and clear for all parties involved enabling happy customers.

4. Loyalty and upsell features

When choosing an order ready board for your business, pick one with the ability to display ads while customers wait for their orders. Imagine if a customer just bought a meal at your restaurant , she sits down to wait for the order. Now and then she views the order ready board on her phone to follow the order. This is an excellent opportunity for you to showcase offers based on her previous order. Did she buy a dessert? Why not advertise a coffee or tea at half price? The upsell potential is enormous.

5. Enhanced communication and coordination

Order ready boards facilitate seamless communication among staff members and towards customers. With a centralized system automatically updating order statuses, staff members can easily collaborate, communicate, and address any specific requirements. This efficient communication enhances accuracy and ensures customer preferences are met, fostering a personalized experience.


Order ready boards enhance customer satisfaction by streamlining order management, ensuring timely order preparation, minimizing waiting times, and improving communication. These boards act as a catalyst for a positive dining experience, enabling loyalty and customer retention.