May 25, 2022

How Pej’s tailored solution empowers Sibylla’s customer experience

An increasing number of restaurant visitors are demanding the opportunity to order and pay directly on their phones. To meet this demand, restaurants are prompted to implement digital solutions, rapidly. Fortunately, the technology is available. When the most popular restaurant chain Sibylla decided to implement digital ordering, it was done in record time – with the help of Pej.

Per Stenlund, the acting CEO at Nordic Fast Food AB, says that they have seen an increasing demand from their customers to be able to order and pay directly on their mobile phones. During the current challenges that many restaurants face, they wanted to make a change. When Sibylla came in contact with Pej, it felt like the optimal solution.

– ”For us, it is not about removing the personal touch of service, but rather about creating more opportunities for the customer to make their own choice. Pej has understood this and that is why their solution fits well into our business.”

When Pej came in contact with Sibylla, they managed to change the customer experience in record time thanks to their digital platform.

– ”We changed 150 restaurants in under three weeks, it is probably a record for us right now, but thanks to the technology we use, it is entirely possible for, for example, restaurants and shops to make a quick change when required”, says Victor Sandberg CEO at Pej.

Pej’s ability to customize the solution to Sibylla’s needs, both technologically and visually, was another aspect Per Stenlund valued:

– “What we really liked with Pej was that they could tailor a solution that suited our business.” – Per Stenlund

Today, Sibylla’s guests can easily order and pay for the food directly on their phones. Amongst other things is the waiting time is reduced for the consumer since they can put their orders before arriving at the restaurant.