Sep 22, 2022

How Pej’s Self-Service Kiosk Provides Unique Flexibility

Enable a smoother customer journey, higher average order values, and more time for your staff to focus on tasks that really matter. Self-Service Kiosks have become one of the most effective ways of increasing sales for merchants whilst meeting customers’ increasing digital demand.

One attribute that circles back to us from our customers is flexibility. A broad, but highly important and relevant attribute that makes our Self-Service Kiosks stand out from the crowd.

This post will go into detail of how flexibility reflects on our Self-Service Kiosk. And, for those of you that stop reading this post after this introduction, it has to do with (1) Customization, (2) Software, (3) Hardware, (4) The Pej approach to support and feature requests.

1. Customization – Have it your brand

Branding and customization is more important than ever for customers. They expect a brand congruent experience throughout the different customer-facing channels, and Self-Service Kiosks are not an exception. That is why our solution supports a wide range of customization possibilities to suit any brand; fonts, background images, animations, UI elements, and, dark mode, to name a few.

2. Software – features that excel your service and revenue

Seamless integrations to your current tech stack coupled with a swift and intuitive interface, addons, upsell features, and full menu options compatibility. At Pej, we are making it easier for you to increase revenue while delivering a higher service level.

Our enterprise-level software brings in new sales across several segments such as QSR’s, Casual Dining, Canteen Catering, and Convenience Stores. Apart from card payments, several other local mobile payment options are supported. In the case of mobile payments from apps such as Swish or Vipps, no card reader is required.

3. Hardware from multiple trusted suppliers

Wall-mounted, floor-standing, or placed at the counter? We have partnered up with established global hardware providers to ensure hardware flexibility, depending on your needs and requirements. One of our options is one of the thinnest Self-Service Kiosks on the market, with longer than market-standard warranty, and shorter lead times due to warehousing in northern Europe.

Installing the Pej Self-Service Kiosk only requires an ethernet cable and power. It comes pre-installed with the right APK and card reader and can be installed without technical know-how or previous experience. Ensuring a smooth onboarding and quick launch.

4. Feature requests & support flexibility

The flexible support approach does not only refer to the level of support and availability you will get from Pej when needed. Rather, it’s about our agile and flexible approach to requested features. We love hearing about your needs and we do everything to make them come true. So far, there is not one feature request that has not been fulfilled, and we aim to keep it that way.

Or, take it from our dear friends at McDonald’s:
“Pej is a very professional partner with whom it is very easy to cooperate with. They have also shown a genuine interest in developing our products – which we value a lot.”
– Mats Nyström, Marketing Director McDonald’s Finland.

Do you have a solution today that is not cutting it? Or ready to dive into a completely new revenue channel? Contact us here and we will happily tell you more about what our Self-Service Kiosks can do for you.