Feb 1, 2023

Contract caterer: Help customers skyrocket employee satisfaction

Having a well-thought-out employer branding strategy to increase employee satisfaction and attract new colleagues is a top priority for today’s employers. New habits of working remotely have, in many industries, created an even more global workforce. As an employer, you no longer only compete for talent with companies in your geographical area – the entire globe is the scope.

In a recent study, 86% of the WMAE (world’s most attractive employers) said employer branding was a top priority. A double-digit increase from the year before. No wonder; according to Glassdoor, 92% of employees would consider changing jobs with no salary increase if the opportunity was with a company that had an excellent reputation.

To build a strong employer brand that attracts talent, you need to make sure your employees are happy and satisfied. After all, the employer brand is built by employees who talk to friends, people in the industry and make posts on social media.

Sure, money is still one of the most important factors when picking a job, according to Forbes, but minor actions can create a large impact. Especially if it is actions that contribute to a warm, productive, and healthy culture.

New ways for guests to utilize the canteen offer

You can help customers increase employee satisfaction by offering digital tools to customize offers, and subsidize food and beverages from your canteen. With the right technology, you do not need to worry about a massive load of administration or incorrect invoices. This is a golden nugget to offer customers. It will help customers attract people back to the office, and help you win the important customer contracts.

Here are three examples of how your customers can, using Pej Tech, utilize your canteen offer to increase employee satisfaction:

1. Incentivise a quick and healthy lunch

A canteen guest looks at the menu in the app and pre-orders lunch to skip the line at checkout. When picking up her plate, she taps her phone to identify the order. Her employer gives a 20% subsidy for choosing a healthy meal. The subsidy is automatically invoiced to the employer at the end of the month.

2. Tap and grab dinner on delicious leftovers

The chef is left with 50 meals after lunch. The food is packed in takeaway containers and placed in a fridge outside the restaurant. Employees leaving the office, tap their RFID-badge and grabs a container. Each purchase is paid by invoice and employers even subsidize the food to incentivize minimised waste and improve life for employees.

3. Celebrate every birthday

Your customers HR department gives a perk from the canteen to an employee on her birthday. On the big day, the birthday girl identifies herself at the canteen by tapping her RFID-card at the checkout. The check is automatically updated with a discount and her employer is invoiced. All this, without any extra administration from you as the operator.

It could be what moves the needle

Subsidies and discounts in the corporate canteen is not a new thing. But the possibility to customize endlessly with no administrative hassle and streamlined reports and invoicing is.

For contract caterers, the implications are clear. Increased sales through new revenue streams, and a really strong pitch to win the important contracts. A match made in heaven between caterers and employers, simply put.