Jun 26, 2023

Changing preferences: the omnichannel approach of the order ready board

Customer preferences constantly evolve, and as a business, you must adapt to meet these changing expectations. In this blog post, we will explore the concept of an omnichannel approach to the order ready board and how it enables canteens, restaurants, and fast food chains to adjust to changing preferences.

What is the omnichannel order ready board?

Today’s guests want to order the way it suits them, whether in a self-service kiosk, a manned checkout, an ordering app, or through a third-party delivery platform. As a restaurant, you benefit from an order ready board that gathers and displays orders from all those channels. And the experience should be unified and consistent across various channels.

Split into different screens

The experience can be even more convenient if you split orders into different screens. You can then install a delivery screen at a separate location from where your dine-in guests pick up their food. Similarly, you can start using drive-through screens for drive-through guests. Another option for convenience is to highlight or color code orders based on channel, making it easy for all guests and partners to find their orders.

Real-time order visibility

The omnichannel order ready board acts as a centralized hub for order management, consolidating orders from various channels onto a single platform, then highlighting or dividing orders to several screens if needed. Whether customers place orders through Oracle Workstationsself-service kiosks, or third-party delivery partners, the ORB captures and displays all orders in real time. This centralization streamlines operations, reduces complexity, and ensures accuracy throughout the order fulfillment.

Leveraging data insights

The omnichannel approach of the order ready board provides businesses with valuable data insights. Companies can analyze customer ordering patterns, preferences, and behavior by capturing data from multiple channels. These insights can inform decision-making processes, enable targeted marketing campaigns, and drive further personalization.


As consumer preferences evolve, businesses must embrace an omnichannel approach to stay relevant and meet customer expectations. By leveraging the omnichannel capabilities of the ORB, companies can enhance customer satisfaction, drive operational efficiency, and position themselves for long-term success in today’s marketplace.

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